We guide you in your training once you have reached the age of majority. Combine your studies while we find your professional opportunity.

Studies + Soccer = Perfect combination!

The PA Team's commitment to education is clear and conclusive. We believe that a trained player will be a great person beyond his sporting merits, and consequently he will be able to fight for what he wants to be.

We guide you in both your sports and academic training once you have reached the age of majority. Combine your university studies at CIS-Endicott University with your sports development.

PA Team and the American University CIS University Endicott International ,the unique program in Spain that combines quality university studies and a high-performance soccer program.

Our Elite Soccer University Program takes place in Madrid and offers students from anywhere in the world the possibility of participating in a personalized comprehensive soccer and studies program.

Participants will be enrolled in one of the accredited degrees offered by the prestigious American university CIS University Endicott International at the same time that a federated team according to their level will be sought.

The program includes, in addition to participation in federated tournaments, physical therapy, nutrition, psychology services and weekly personalized training with the aim of improving the technical and competitive level of the students. Our tutors accompany and monitor the player's progress throughout the program.

The staff will also prepare a sports curriculum for each student in order to facilitate access to sports scholarships for those who wish to continue their studies in the US

Discover everything that this program includes and do not hesitate to contact us to clarify any details.


Thanks to our international study program, players from the age of 15 onwards will be able to apply for a sports scholarship to combine their training with soccer in the US and Canada.

Together with Be Match International, our experienced partner, we will guide you through the entire previous process and accompany you during your experience outside of Spain to guarantee your success.

High School or University in the United States, a unique life opportunity for any player who wants to train as a student, soccer player and person.

We take care of the details, we make differences.