Based in Madrid and venues in different parts of the Spanish geography, more than 5,000 players have trained under the technical direction of the PA Team Staff. Selected players from 8 to 23 years old, in a continuous annual training oriented to High Performance that has made us position PA Team Academy as a national reference 


An exclusive place, where values and High Performance merge to create an optimal work method combined with unforgettable experiences at all levels. Players will be able to have a parallel training to their Club during the season. Like any PA Team project, our illusion is the basis for growth. All our most professional and prepared technical staff will be available to the players, with the intention to enjoy, learn and continue to grow as players and human people during the days that give us the sports calendar.


We like to provide our project with the greatest exclusivity and quality possible. Spots are limited. If you would like to receive more information, please contact us.

See you at PA Team Academy!


Enjoying competition at the highest level is possible thanks to our selection of the best national grassroots football talent.

PA Team Academy is positioned as the best option for High Performance experience at a national level. Thanks to our annual work with players, we study international tournament experiences that can serve as a starting point for a unique sports relationship and coexistence based on our values. We are different, and we have a unique family, don't you think this? Watch the video!



We reach out to all those players who wish to train with a methodology adapted to their level and optimal development of each category.

Thanks to our adapted methodology, we take care of giving the best work both internally and externally for those Clubs, sports entities, sports camps and the like who wish to have a guarantee of quality and experience within the context of Spanish soccer. Christmas, Easter, Summer?

Any opportunity is good to enjoy together!


In PA Team Academy we are experts in providing the right tools in each context that the player has. Therefore, our individual program is focused on the overall improvement of the athlete once we analyze the best scenarios to work. Available at any time of the year, both in functional training room (potentiation, injury recovery, sports maintenance...) and field sessions with the best technology and experience available.